What would happen if all the black holes in the universe collided with each other, this black hole might be known to everyone but if no one knew, the black hole would be the giant black space in the universe whose gravitational force is so great that all the planets, satellites, stars It can suck. Light cannot come out of its gravity, so you can understand its color is black. Why is it called a black hole?

We mainly see 4 types of black holes ----

  • 1.Stellar Blcak Hole
  • 2.Supermassive Black Hole
  • 3.Intermediate Black Hole
  • 4.Miniture Black Hole

The nearest black hole is about 1600 light-years from Earth, one light-year means the distance we can travel in a year at the speed of light. There are 100 billion galaxies as far from Earth to space, and each galaxy has hundreds of black holes of different sizes. Those black holes are always ready to attract everything that comes to its event horizon, but what if those black holes come close to each other? We can't see those black holes, some people say they don't exist. However, we can understand their existence when large stars revolve around them. Almost all the galaxies we know have a black hole at the center that eats away at that galaxy like a giant monster in the middle of it and scattering ionometer light from them. Some black holes are so large. The size of the largest black hole found is 17 billion times larger than our Sun in our Milky Way galaxy. The supermassive black hole at the center of Xi is called SAGITTARIUS A STAR The monster-sized black hole is 4.1 million light years away from our Sun, and 26,000 light-years away. From, maybe it's not too much because SAGITTARIUS we can call it a sleeping giant but it can wake up if it collides with another black hole. We are always discovering new information about it. Many people say that black holes do not move in the same place but this is not true at all. Recently the Hubble Telescope caught a black hole the thing was that it was moving away From one place to another, perhaps for some reason, it came out of its galaxy. It is currently traveling at a speed of about 2,000 kilometers per second. A roaming black hole is orbiting in space that is about 1 billion times larger than our Sun. Maybe another black hole bigger than him has been forced to move. If that supermassive black hole came to our galaxy, the catastrophic cosmic event would be unimaginable. There are black holes in space that we can't finish, but if those black holes came close to each other and collided, our known universe would be complete. Will be destroyed. There are supermassive big black holes that will easily take the small ones and turn into bigger black holes than before, if the black hair in the center of our galaxy and the center of the galaxy Andromeda collide with each other and all the surrounding black Yes, but maybe a black hole will be created that could destroy 2 galaxies. All the stars, planets and stars will disappear into the black hole in an instant. The giant gravitational ball will cause him to collide with another planet or another star, in a blink of an eye the whole galaxy will disappear and new black holes will form. This could happen because we are slowly moving towards the Andromeda galaxy. 3.3 billion years later, if humans were to survive on Earth, we would be able to see the Andromeda galaxy with the naked eye in the night sky, and it would gradually come closer to us and collide with our galaxy one day. One giant supermassive black hole will be generated so large and powerful that we have never seen it before.


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